Integrated Design

Inspired by permaculture and biomimicry.

Buildings & Parks

PRODUKTIF’s focus is urban, mixed-use revitalization projects at the village scale.

Life & Style

As an extension to building and interiors, PRODUKTIF has adopted a complete lifestyle approach to design, to create productive environments that are beautiful, functional and sustainable, ultimately increase end-user satisfaction.

Food, Energy and Water

A grand majority of humans live in cities. PRODUKTIF is dedicated to making cities self-sufficient in food, energy and water.

Community Developments

Strong design facilitates the connections between community members and contributes to building long-term relationships based on socio-economic, cultural and ecological value-driven goals.

PRODUKTIF design studio and think-tank develops sustainable communities thru design, integrating building and lifestyle design with ecosystems.


PRODUKTIF Building Solutions (PBS) develops real estate projects and proprietary practices associated with:

  • a replicable blueprint of high-performance building clusters;

  • the optimization of the value-chain from manufacturers through design-build and operations of these clusters;

  • the integration of clean technologies as it relates to prefabrication-assembly and passive house certification.


Design-Build Architecture

PRODUKTIF, an architectural design studio, develops sustainable communities integrating building and lifestyle design with ecosystems.
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Building Sustainable Communities

Our ability to lead healthy, productive lives depends on our relationships with nature and each other, cultural richness and biodiversity.
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Complex Processes Simplified

Produktif demystifies
complex relationships thru user-friendly design
solutions, managing owner risks while optimizing long-term sustainability.
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ROI Performance

Our approach is to invest more in early planning and risk management in order to reduce time and mistakes during construction, thus reducing overall costs.  This approach abide by state-of-the-art sustainable construction practices.
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Produktif Building Solutions (PBS)