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Rune Kongshaug, B.Sc, M.Arch

President & Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

Rune Kongshaug, B.Sc, M.Arch
President & Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
Rune is a designer and social entrepreneur employing architectural and systems design as a means for sustainable development.
First experiences include risk management in financial services, real estate, interior design and healthy food businesses (NYC and internationally, 1994-2002).
Rune began his formal architectural training at McGill University Minimum Cost Housing Group (Montreal and internationally, 2003-2007) where he co-managed the Making of the Edible Landscape international research project. Sponsored by the IDRC and municipal partners in Rosario, Colombo, Kampala and Montreal, the project promoted Urban Agriculture, not only as a widespread informal practice but as cohesive strategy towards upgrading less affluent neighborhoods as essential contributors to self-sufficient cities.
Rune introduced the “productive house” concept at UN Habitat WUF (Vancouver, 2005).  In 2009, he launched Produktif, design studio and think-tank, coinciding with the delivery of the MpH proof of concept, a LEED® Platinum-certified mixed-use complex.  Rune was recognized same year as Finalist of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Montreal).
Inspired by Permaculture, Biomimicry and New Product Development, Rune designs, builds and integrates clean technologies that bring us closer to nature.
In 2015, Produktif launched Produktif Building Solutions (PBS), dedicated to optimizing supply-chain, employing prefab-assembly and passive house methods.  Rune currently works with manufacturers and construction professionals to develop processes and blueprints to facilitate the replication of resilient and prosperous community building clusters in the event of natural or manmade crises.
Rune resides in NYC can be joined at +1 917-499-1231 or rune@produktif.com.

Kareen Smith

Produktif Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Kareen is a designer and entrepreneur whose interests are where beauty and form meets function and execution.  Overseeing sustainable  materials and fair practices, she leads Produktif’s branding and styling of signature exteriors, interiors and productive garden designs.  At the MpH project in Montreal, she was responsible for early stage testing and operations of the 4-season greenhouse and bakery club, working with groups of students and interns.
After studying Fashion Design at Parson’s, Kareen had a corporate career in the NYC garment industry, designing and coordinating production.
In the 1990’s, she launched her own fashion line employing sustainable materials while working as a freelance fashion Stylist.  Kareen formerly owned and operated Smith on Sullivan in SoHo, New York, carrying the Kareen Smith Design fashion line, and continues to serve select clients with her labels Kareen Smith Design and Kostome.
Rune Kongshaug and Kareen Smith met in the 1990’s and have since worked as a design team and partners to innovate in design and sustainable practices.  Since joining Produktif in 2010 and becoming its CEO in 2013, Kareen has used her experience with fashion and styling to bring a new dimension to interior design and comfort, and has found a new calling in landscape design and the caring for plants and growing food crops.
Kareen resides in NYC can be joined at +1 646-244-8859 or kareen@produktif.com.

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Permaculture and Biomimicry

PRODUKTIF applies a design approach inspired from by permaculture and biomimicry, seeking organic or systemic designs that are both iconic and eco-logical.

LEAN construction

The current trend is to transfer LEAN-manufacturing principles to construction delivering projects just-in-time through pre-fabrication.

Best practices analysis & performance monitoring

What cannot be measured, cannot be managed. Benchmarking and performance modeling are critical upfront activities. Successful benchmarking will help prioritize efforts, set attainable performance targets and identify key team members.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

PRODUKTIF acts as “information traffic-cop”, using state-of-the art 3D modeling tools with coordination of information flows between team members.

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