“The only way to create value is to produce something.” “There is only one thing worse than being too late: being too early.”

— Ola Kongshaug (Fashion Designer 1940-1999)

Making the right connections means getting your timing right.

With respect to capturing a market, it may be the result of filling a gap, superior design or innovation and become a “market-maker” creating a new awareness, or one may just try one’s best to follow market trends filling an already established need,… safe as long as things look up.  However, the quantitative aspects of securing financing and sourcing the necessary skills required to execute a vision are equally important parts of the creative process.  It is really a left-brain, right-brain thing and people working together which stimulates curiosity, innovation and investment in a better future.

From single to multifamily mixed developments that have a net-positive environmental and financial impact on end-users, Produktif seeks to add value at every step of the supply-chain, working at the cutting edge of clean technologies as they transform the design-build construction industry.


Qualitative Value-Add

Design Integration
Design (Performance) Criteria
Risk & Portfolio Management
New Product Development
Continuous Learning


Quantitative Value-Add

Owner Representation
Market Feasibility / Proof of Concept
Financial Proforma (ROI)
Collaborative / Design-Build (Contracts)
BIM and Performance Monitoring (Technology)
Value-Chain Optimization and Innovation
Knowledge Management (Processes)
Commissioning and Project Delivery (Incentives)


Produktif strives to build communities, not just industry leading sustainable housing. A part of building a community is recognising what is valued by the people who are already there, respecting that and lending a hand in fortifying the community’s personality.

Any community’s prosperity depends on the happiness and success of its youth. Understanding this, Produktif strives to engage community youth through all stages of development. Leading the way in sustainable living provides a unique opportunity for architecture, sustainable engineering and renewable energy students to gain local, hands on experience and knowledge in their field of study. Produktif is looking forward to developing close relationships with our leading educational institutions in order to work this experience into formal education frameworks.

Equally important is the education and experience that youths receive outside of those formal frameworks. Produktif also works closely with community groups, particularly youth groups, to ensure that skill, knowledge and experience in accessible to all. Produktif’s developments provide places for everyone to relax, socialise and enjoy, bringing all community members together.

From surfers, to artists, to musicians, to chefs, Produktif values the special contributions made by the rich subsets that come together to create our communities. Produktif takes the time to get to know communities before starting a project so that it can create inclusive spaces that promote the inclusion and growth of those groups that make our communities so vibrant.

Together we can create a social, sustainable and Produktif community.