MAISON productive HOUSE  (“MpH”) Realized (Montreal, 2007-2013)


In 2010 PRODUKTIF delivered “Maison productive House” (MpH), a 12 000 sf, mixed, 9-unit pilot project integrating onsite renewable energy, food production and water management. The project has been widely featured in various media and has been certified LEED® Platinum by the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC).


MpH demonstrates the integration of energy, water and food production systems under one roof.  Designing and building the Productive House has served to assemble a team, innovate and acquire new expertise that is immediately applicable to new urban design and development projects of various scales in different climates and locations.

The house is designed to make it easy, affordable and rewarding to be “Green.” It includes:

  • an artisan bakery with a wood oven bakery

  • auto-share service managed by Communauto who rents a parking spot

  • a greenhouse heated by a common sauna

  • a yoga and exercise space

The house promotes innovation and vision in eco design:

  • 4-season greenhouse and 3-season Produktif SunSpaces

  • display of prototypes for air and water filtration

  • rain water recuperation and grey water recycling for irrigation

  • active and passive solar design using water-heaters and photo voltaics

  • geothermal heating supplying radiant heating