Passive House (PH)

Produktif works with…

…outstanding leaders in North American passive house design, build, certification and performance monitoring. All of our projects are passive house certified. We believe it is important to commit to a standard that will both generate savings and create jobs, and that has proven to be competitive with conventional costs.

Passive housing invests in the building’s thermal insulation and air tightness (highly efficient building “envelope” including envelope (will everyday people understand what this means?), windows and doors) in order to to ensure exemplary thermal performance, which. through air tightness and insulation.  The optimisation of thermal performance will dramatically reduce primary energy needs while saving on mechanical equipment costs and maintenance.

Passivhaus construction brings unparalleled durability, efficiency, and comfort to buildings, reducing the carbon footprint and operational and maintenance costs. We achieve this by fusing 21st century building science knowledge with cross-disciplinary integration.

This approach represents a necessary break from convention because the traditional, often fragmented method of delivery cannot guarantee building performance or cost. We know through experience that cost efficient high performance building relies on holistic analysis and implementation. So our system of integrated delivery leads design and construction teams through the entire process: from schematic design through construction administration to ongoing monitoring and verification of building performance.

With partners such as PassivScience or BldgTyp, Produkti ensures rigorous coordination and control throughout design, construction and operations and offer a single “buck-stops here” point of contact. The result? High performance buildings built at cost parity with standard construction, delivered on time and on budget.


Our Method: