Building Solutions


Produktif Building Solutions Inc (PBS) builds  to own a portfolio of high-performance buildings.  We engage in value-chain optimization and  employ clean technologies. We guarantee performance by focusing on four (4) best practice areas:

  • Design-Build contracts with maximum price guaranteed

  • Passive-house certification

  • Prefabrication and Assembly errors and waste reduction

  • Risk Management

PBS is organized according to design-build integration, construction/contract management and quality control, and community/workforce development. Our B2B model works with 3rd party investors, manufacturers, developers, training/safety & construction managers to deliver a better product competitively.


Produktif aspires to create sustainable and Resilient Communities in vulnerable and under served areas. Sustainable, high-performance and autonomous buildings can bring significant benefits to communities and entire localities as well as in specific, strategic land use situations. Empty lots, areas hit by natural or human disasters, Caribbean Islands and other remote or underdeveloped communities will all feel the positive effects of projects like those undertaken by Produktif.

Product/Service Description

PBS innovates in quality control, construction/contract management and workforce development. Our B2B model works with 3rd party Investors, Manufacturers, Developers, Training/Safety & Construction Managers to deliver a premium product, competitively.

Environmental and/or Social Impact

Produktif’s buildings are not only entirely sustainable, in many cases they are actually carbon positive. That is, these individually designed green buildings produce more than they consume. The result of this integrated sustainable energy production is the reduction of and often entire removal of the property’s carbon footprint. Whilst environmental sustainability is a significant achievement in and of itself, it is also significantly advantageous to building residents, owners and the community at large. Comprehensive sustainability frees Produktif premises from the economic demands of third party energy, resource and service providers. The benefit of this freedom can then be passed on to residents and owners. Clean, sustainable and productive buildings also increases the livability of entire communities. The replicable knowledge that Produktif buildings impart on their owners and residence insure that positive influence is lifelong.  Produktif is a Woman and Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) (as in, employs women and minorities?) that supports local entrepreneurship and workforce development.

What problems are we trying to solve?

The housing crisis as it relates to affordability, sustainability, safety and quality of life, as well as spurring local construction with the elimination of wastes, restoration of habitat and wealth.

Our Solution

Integration of clean technologies into blueprints and templates for continuous improvement of a design-build-operate process, readily adopted, replicated upon and improved by local channel partners.